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Saturday, February 24 2018 @ 05:15 AM EST
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Great Job Meaghan


A huge congratulations goes out to the 2006- 2007 SC Sabres for completing a successful year of hockey

Our own Meaghan Curran finished with the 2nd Most goals in the regular season,


From Cameron

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ANT Movie Catalog


Ant Movie Catalog is a free (really free, i.e. the source code is available) program made to manage your collection of movies DVD, CD (VideoCD, DivX, ...) and tapes.

I just switched over to this software because my old MovieDB software hasn't been supported for some time now.

This one gets 9 stars out of ten.

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Digital Audio/Video
Just discovered! I wanted an upgrade for my DLink Media server software and I found this incedible software called TVersity. It also led me to the Ant movie catalog software.  
This free software absolutley rocks.  The TVersity Media Server lets you manage your Internet and home media and create your personalized lineup of channels, or as they call it "your Personal Entertainment Guide (PEG)". It then serves this media to a multitude of networked devices in the home or on the go (like a slingbox), overcoming their inherent limitations by doing all the necessary conversions on the fly, and thus making your media available anywhere, anytime and from any device.

TVersity is the most versatile media server and the only one that is truly universal in the range of devices it supports. TVersity can serve media to:
  • Devices supporting the UPnP AV / DLNA standard (which is the de-facto standard for connecitivity between devices in the digital home). This includes devices like networked TVs, DVDs, Stereo Receivers, Digital Media Adapaters/Receivers (including the Xbox 360), Mobile Phones, Satellite and Cable set-top-boxes and more.
  • Devices with a web browser (XHTML-MP or WAP 2.0) and media streaming or downloading capabilities like Mobile Phones, PDAs, the Sony PSP, and more.
  • Devices with an RSS reader and media streaming or downloading capabilities like the Sony PSP, iTunes/iPod and more.
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Songs of Ice and Fire


   Big News from George R.R. Martin by way of Variety : HBO is going to do the series - a book per season on TV starting with "A Game of Thrones".   

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Robert Anton Wilson RIP

ObitsRobert Anton Wilson (RIP)

Robert Anton Wilson--philosopher, author, visionary, Discordian, Fortean, and bOING bOING patron saint--died early this morning. From his final blog post on January 6:

 Raw200610021323-1 Various medical authorities swarm in and out of here predicting I have between two days and two months to live. I think they are guessing. I remain cheerful and unimpressed. I look forward without dogmatic optimism but without dread. I love you all and I deeply implore you to keep the lasagna flying.

Please pardon my levity, I don't see how to take death seriously. It seems absurd.


Please click the "read more" link for the original story.

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Goodbye to a friend


MOORE, Michael Christopher - It is with deep sadness that we announce the death of Chris (aka Mickey, Skippy, Seymor), age 54, peacefully at home on December 19, 2006. He will be forever missed by his wife, Jane, and his children Matt and Kate. Chris was proud to be the son of Verna and the late Stewart Moore and the brother of Nancy and Robert Meehan and Lorne and Allana Moore. He was the beloved brother-in-law of Daniel and Deborah Peace, Michael Peace and his fiancee Judy Nigro, and Maggie and Ed Williams. Chris leaves behind many, much loved nieces and nephews, cousins, aunts and uncles. He drew great strength and support from special friends, neighbours and co-workers. The internet will be a little quieter. A special thanks to Wendy, Cathy and Dr. T. McCarty and to Wendy and Cathy, our VON's for their outstanding care and warmth. We would also like to thank Dr. S. Muhkerjee and the staff of the Juravinski Centre for their endless compassion. Friends will be received by the family on Thursday from 7-9 p.m. and on Friday afternoon and evening from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. at the Cattel, Eaton and Chambers Funeral Home, 53 Main Street, Dundas. A Celebration of Chris' Life will take place on Saturday at ST. PAUL'S UNITED CHURCH, 29 Park Street, Dundas, at 1 p.m. A private family interment will take place Saturday morning. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in Chris' memory to the VON or the Community Care Access Centre who facilitated his journey of choice. Condolences can be made online at Cremation has taken place.

"Always look on the bright side of life... (whistle)"

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My Spaces

General News

New block over there on the right side of the screen - Curran MySpaces !!!

If you wish to add your MySpace link, send me an email

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Curran FAQ

General NewsI have created an FAQ section of the website. I will be parsing all of the existing posts to extricate as much as I can, but if you have more to add, post a comment here or drop me an e-line at this address
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The cost of freedom

What is the cost of freedom? Perhaps John Philpot Curran said it best:

It is the common fate of the indolent to see their rights become a prey to the active. The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt.
-John Philpot Curran: Speech upon the Right of Election, 1790. (Speeches. Dublin, 1808.)

Since 9/11, this has run around the periphery of my conscience, I knew this quote and had forgotten it. I stumbled across it today while googling something completely unrelated. Eternal Vigilance. Every moral human's duty. Don't look away, don't stand for oppression of the weak of mind or body. An eternal burden.

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just wondering

Family Treelet me know if you are somehow related to the curran homestead in maine.

another curran here. descendent of john curran, who was the father of monica, sean, lucy, taige, and deardrie. im the son of sean. im sorry if i spelled the names wrong. havent associated with you in a long time!


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Did you know that Eugene Curran Kelly was born on August 23, 1912 in Pittsburgh, PA, the third of five children. Yes, that Gene Kelly.


Ó Corráin, Corran, Curren, Currans, Currane, Curreen, Kirrane, O’ Corrin, O’Currane, O’Corren, Corrin

The Curran name, and its variations, are popular throughout Ireland, most particularly in county Donegal in the northern province of Ulster. The name comes from the Gaelic word “corradh” meaning ‘spear’. One of the most famous Irish Currans was John Philpot Curran, a barrister and a nationalist, whose daughter was engaged to Robert Emmett.


From Kenneth: The surname Curran appears to be patronymical in origin, and is believed to be associated with the Irish, meaning,"Grandson of Corran", a diminitive of "Coiradh (spear). Different spellings of the same name original surname are a common occurrence. Dictionaries of surnames indicate probable spelling variations of Curran to be Corran, Currane, Kirrane, Curreen, O'Currin, Curren,and Coiradh. Although bearers of the old and distinguished Curran name comprise a small fraction of the population, there are a number who have established for it a significant place in history.

They include: Simon Curran(O'Currin) (d.1302), Bishop of Kiljenora,Ireland.

Charles Courtney Curran (1861-1942) American painter of "perfume of the Rose", still hanging in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., "The Breezy Day"' in Philadelphia, and "Mountain Laurel."

John Philpot Curran (1750-1817) Irish orator and Judge who was a member of the Irish Parliament in 1783.

John Joseph Curran (1859-1936) ordained a priest in 1887, he spent the rest of his life as Curate and Pastor in the coal-mining area of Pennsylvania. He became famous for his support of miners and thier unions.

Amelia Curran(d.1847) She practiced painting only as an amateur, and her portrait of Percy Bysshe Shelly was exhibited in the National Portrait Exhibition in 1868.

Pearl Gildessleeve Curran (1875-1941) American composer who published about forty songs, many of them to her own texts. Her most successful works include," Dawn". "Life", "Rain", "Nursery Rhymes", and "Nocturne."

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