The Society of Secret Santas


There was a story in the Hamilton Spectator today about Kansas City's Secret Santa who passed away earlier this year , but seems to have started something incredible, much like the "Pay it Forward" movement. This is a story that will be made into a movie one day, an easy prediction from me.

Larry Dean Stewart 1948 – 2007 was the creator and original Secret Santa. Through his personal example over a twenty year period, he demonstrated and defined the role and mission of Secret Santa. “Secret Santa's” random acts of kindness over the years had an impact on people throughout the world who either were beneficiaries or who read in media reports his random acts of kindness and giving; especially three months before his death in January 2007 when his personal identity was made public. The Society of Secret Santas builds upon the legacy of Larry Dean Stewart.

There is now a Society Of Secret Santas and there is a website - that should be checked out by anyone who has started to doubt that there is goodness in the world. 

 Could you be a Secret Santa?

The compassion shared  from one spontaneous random act of kindness is elevating, priceless and not easily explained. It is an instant connection between souls that can change a life forever. This is the experience of being a Secret Santa. Being a Secret Santa has blessings beyond words.

Society of Secret  Santas

The Society of Secret Santas is an anonymous group of leaders throughout the world, performing random acts of kindness to those less fortunate.

Using their own financial resources and without a tax deduction, these leaders share their wealth with those in need. They give from their hearts remaining forever anonymous.

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