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Iam looking for a Bernadette Curran that was living in London in 1968 and gave birth to a daughter Michelle Curran. I believe she also had a young son and lived in or around the Islington area, originally from Ireland. Please contact


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I have since discovered from my Birth certificate that my Mother's name was Ann,or that was what was on my BCert so I am not sure where Bernadette came from, I am still looking for my Mother, I was born in The Royal Free hospital - Liverpool Road, My mother lived in Copenhagen Street, off the Caledonian road at the time of my Birth 16th July 1968, I was given up for adoption in September of the same year, but wasn't actually adopted until a year later, I also believe it would have been with a Catholic Adoption Agency. If anybody has any information about Ann or the Curran family that I may belong to it would be gratefully appreciated.
Many Many Thanks and Good Luck to all that are looking for Their own Currans....... there are a lot of us x
Update... My contact details have changed. Although my search continues. Still looking for Ann Curran living in Copenhagen Street off the Cally road in 1968 giving up her Daughter Michelle for adoption. Possibly an Archway Catholic Adoption agency. Daughter went to Reading.
Please email
Again good luck and best wishes to all the Currans out there!