Record Setting Season For Chris Curran !

I didn't know it but Chris set the mark for best plus-minus for the Icedogs at -5 last season. This year he has moved the bar to +8 !!!! Chris also contributed heavily to a new team record for penalty killing efficiency. Way to go Chris and congratulations on a great season - we all enjoyed watching you play and cheering your team on in the franchise's first ever playoff appearance. Check out the whole article on new Icedog Records


Family Tree
Hi Bill and everyone,

"Heritage and tradition are the threads that link us to our past and guide is into the future, one generation to another."

I have been interested in genealogy since I can remember. I for the last five years I have been actively trying to compile a family tree. As I have been working I have found I have names, some pictures, and a few stories. My father has now joined me in my quest. It has helped and I truly enjoy the trips to the cemeteries and his recollection of facts. (He is getting really good at computer skills)

It is amazing how fast recollections of grandparents fade. Pictures of family parties show a loving and happy time, the favorite aunt or cousin's name forgotten.

I would love to hear stories anyone can remember, not only of old folk lore but maybe you siblings or children.

A picture exchange is a great idea. I'm sure every family member has a picture they would love to see and have. Maybe together we can put names to the pictures.

Nancy (Stewart) Kavuk

Welcome to the Quarter Century Club !

Congratulations to Roger and Kathy Caron ! 25 years married as of New Year's Eve. One of the best weddings I ever attended - a real New Year's bash - Bob and Debbie's might have been better - but oddly, I don't remember much. I was told that I had a pretty good time.