Hello All you Currans out there.

General News
Note from Bill: I submitted this on Chris\' behalf.

I\'m Chris from Hale in Cheshire, England. I work in retail which I hate, but thats my fault for not paying attention at school. Im a drummer in a couple of bands, and im currently trying to set up a recording studio with a couple of mates. We hope to be able to release an album later this year, but finding suitable premises isn\'t the easiest of tasks. Im the youngest of 7 kids. 5 sisters and 1 brother.

Pay It Forward

General News
Its not often that a book or movie can change the way you look and feel about the people in this world (or any other for that matter). After watching the Warner flick "Pay it forward" on DVD a few months ago, the idea of paying it forward has been gnawing away at my subconscience, nibbling at

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