Henry Curran & Margaret White

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Henry Curran & Margaret White, larne Ireland to Vic Australia abt 1852

Searching for ancestors, descendants any info family please email amandacurran@bigpond.com

  1. Henry1 Curran was born in Larne, Northern Ireland, and died 1884. He married Margaret White 17 Apr 1852 in Old Larne-Kilwaughter, Antrim, Nth Ireland Presbyterian Church. She was born in Larne, Northern Ireland. Immigrated abt 1852.

    Notes for Henry Curran: Henry drowned while on his way home . He fell into the river . He was very drunk at the time.The year was 1884. After that the widow made financial demands on Thomas until Thomas' wife said no more as they needed all their money to raise their own family.

    Henry & Margaret Buried in the Rothwell Cemetery, Little River along with the eldest son Robert

    More About Henry Curran and Margaret White:

    Marriage: 17 Apr 1852, Old Larne-Kilwaughter, Antrim, Nth Ireland Presbyterian Church

    Children of Henry Curran and Margaret White are:

  2. i. Polly Mary2 Curran.
  3. ii. Robert Curran, born 1852; died 1900 in Prince Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
  4. iii. John Curran, born 1853; died 1931 in NCote, Victoria, Australia.
  5. iv. Thomas Samuel Curran, born 27 Feb 1857 in Werribee, Victoria, Australia; died 1944 in Kburra, Victoria, Australia.
  6. v. Susan Curran, born 1859 in Wyndham, Victoria, Australia.
  7. vi. Margaret Curran, born 1861.
  8. vii. Elizabeth Curran, born 1864 in Little River, Victoria, Australia.
  9. viii. James White CURRAN, born 02 Dec 1865 in Duck Ponds, Victoria, Australia; died 1948 in Osbost, Victoria, Australia.
  10. ix. Jane Matilda Curran, born 1868 in Duck Ponds, Victoria, Australia; died 1943 in Bton, Victoria, Australia.
  11. x. Anne Curran, born 1869 in Duck Ponds, Victoria, Australia; died 1908 in Penshurst, Victoria, Australia. She married Augustas Hildebrandt 1893 in Little River, Victoria, Australia.
  12. More About Augustas Hildebrandt and Anne Curran: Marriage: 1893, Little River, Victoria, Australia
  13. xi. Henry Curran, born 1871 in Duck Ponds, Victoria, Australia; died 1938 in Korumburra, Victoria, Australia.
  14. xii. William Curran, born 1872 in Little River, Victoria, Australia; died 1955 in Offl, Victoria, Australia.
  15. 4 xiii. George Curran, born 1874 in Little River, Victoria, Australia; died 1948 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.
  16. 5 xiv. Fanny Sarah Curran, born 1876 in Little River, Victoria, Australia; died 1961 in Haml, Victoria, Australia.

Currans in Newfoundland

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I am looking for any information that will lead me to building my family tree.. I am from Newfoundland, Canada and would love any information on anything about the Curran name and how they came to Canada and settled in Newfoundland. Please feel free to email me at laners@rogers.com

Marhi Jessica Beatrice Curran

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Who I am the daughter of. My mother born in Austrailia 25 January 1945. Living in malaysia for some years with family, father was a planter called Clieve, and mother Georgina, both separated in late 50,s. I am desperate to find her as well as her sister Angie, myself and brother have lost contact for so many years please please can anyone help.

I am new to this

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Hey does anyone know a John (Jack) Curran a Patricia Curran (maried to jack) a Shawn William Curran? I am Shawns son chris and i was wondering if anyone knew anyone one of us currans here in washington There is also a Bill and Itamay Curran here also but i was just wondering how other currans are and if anyone knows anything about us or if anyone knows us?!!
Thank You (Post a comment plz) or reply by posting an article Christopher William Curran

Viking Link?

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Hi!, my name Jennifer Curran from Dublin in Ireland. My 8-year old nephew has asked me to find out if the Curran name has any link with the Vikings? Anyone know??? Thanks.

Bridget Curran

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Looking for info on Bridget Curran born about 1853,Donegal. Parents Patrick Curran, Bridget Curran ms Warren. Bridget married Peter Boyle [also from Donegal] in Glasgow 1872. Bridget and Peters\' daughter Mary Boyle was born December 1874. in BALLYMORE TEELIN ,DONEGAL. I have been searching for info on bridget for four years now.This family, seemed to have travelled, between, Glasgow, Greenock, and Donegal often. Bridget died in Greenock aged 28 years in 1881.Leaving four children.One died in the industrial school Glasgow aged 6 years. In 1882

Curran Family Lismore, Ireland

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Looking for descendants of Johanna (Annie, Joan, Hannah, Siobhan) Curran born 1867 or David Curran born 1870 in Lismore, Co. Waterford Ireland, my Grandfathers sister and brother respectively. Regards Pat Curran