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Im looking for anyone who may have information on Ronald Curran. He passed away a few yrs ago, had a wife named Carolyn Curran and resided in California (San Deigo) area, Im his son and no little if any information, Please help that would be great.

john curran

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hi folks i note you have astrange guest board,i am a old curran living in west australia today bit warmer than hamilton 31c+i dont think we will have a white xmas ?seasons greetings to all the curran mob

Bill Curran

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My Uncle - Wiliam Joseph Curran was born in Dublin - sent to live with relatives in the bakery business in Canada - went on to St Dunstan\'s Seminary and fought and died with the Canadian forces in WW1 - One of my sons - Kieron - recently took me to France and we visited his grave - something my Mother -Rosanna Curran, never had a chance to do.
Do you know the Seminary named above? I have a picture of Bill when he was there in 1913. I have no idea what part of Canada though! Cheers! Jeanette Leese

Zimmerman- Somerville

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Nancy (Stewart) Kavuk just sent me this picture along with a story. Click here to see it. In the picture are Edith Ellen (Gram) Somerville with her mother Nancy (Hall) Zimmerman and Hazel (left), Jean (right), and Norma as a baby. Click "read the whole story" to read the story.

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Great Grandma

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I am looking for info on my great grandma Leah Johnson. She married John McElroy Curran. We know that she married John and and she died april 8, 1928. We have no info on her parents. The info I have is that she gave birth to my grandmother Annie Mable in Ida Kansas in 1880.
I really would appreciate any help.



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Hi Bill and everyone,

"Heritage and tradition are the threads that link us to our past and guide is into the future, one generation to another."

I have been interested in genealogy since I can remember. I for the last five years I have been actively trying to compile a family tree. As I have been working I have found I have names, some pictures, and a few stories. My father has now joined me in my quest. It has helped and I truly enjoy the trips to the cemeteries and his recollection of facts. (He is getting really good at computer skills)

It is amazing how fast recollections of grandparents fade. Pictures of family parties show a loving and happy time, the favorite aunt or cousin's name forgotten.

I would love to hear stories anyone can remember, not only of old folk lore but maybe you siblings or children.

A picture exchange is a great idea. I'm sure every family member has a picture they would love to see and have. Maybe together we can put names to the pictures.

Nancy (Stewart) Kavuk