The Currans of Ballyculter

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Anyone out there who is interested may like to know that there was a family of Currans in Ballyculter, Co. Down. in the 19th. century.
My Father, Paddy Curran (Born 19/03/1900), had brothers called:- John,Tommy, Bernard, Joe, Frank and a sister Maggie. Their father John and his wife Mary Ann (Nee. Mc.Glennon) lived there but moved in the early 1900\'s to the town of Strangford where they lived in a house which was situated where the little park is now down near the ferry slipway.
Frank Curran (Dublin)

Please Help

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My name is Jason Curran the son of Howard Eric Curran (deceased) My sister is Tracy Jean Curran. I have been looking for my other brother Chris Curran from Oshawa? If you have any information you could send me this would be great! Thank you for your time. Jason Curran E-Mail-

John Curran

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Looking for any relatives of John Adrian Curran, born in Toronto, Ont., with family originating from Tottenham and before that Ireland. His dad\'s name was James & mother\'s name Filorina LaJeunesse. Thanks, Bev


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I am trying to find Sheila Curran from London Ontario. My name is Brenda Byrne - we worked together in the Canadian Embassy in Dublin Ireland in the 70\'s. She had two sisters who also stayed in Dublin at that time, Patricia and Maureen. Her parents originally came from Co. Wicklow, Ireland. If anyone can help I would love to hear from her.

Looking for my brother Jack curran

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Does anyone know a Jack Curran who used to live in Montreal Quebec when he was a child.
My father,Dale James Forest Curran and his mother were divorced many years ago.I believe his mother\'s name is Brigitte.Jack would probably be in his sixties now.Would love to find him...anyone with any info on Jack please leave a note here on this site.
Thanks...Have a happy day...Carrollinda

In search of Daniel Curran

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Help, I'm looking for information on Daniel Curran born in Victoria, Australia in 1861, and was the son of Daniel Curran and Susan Patton. If any one has any information regarding Daniel, please email me as it would be most helpful.

In search of John @ Sarah

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Help, I'm looking for information on Daniel Curran's parents,- John Curran and Sarah Devine. John Curran married Sarah Devine during the early 1800's and after having an unknown number children of which Bernard and Daniel were just two, set out for america during the 'Great Famine' (1845 -1850), however something went wrong and they were lost at sea.
Bernard and Daniel set out for Australia some years later.
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If any one has any information regarding any one mentioned please email me as it would be most helpful. I do have more info on other branches, However as stated in the beginning I am trying to track down information on Daniel's parents.

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Hazel Curran

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My name is Hazel Curran. I do not have much information about my Dad, James A. Curran, side of the family. My grandmothers name is Beatrice Curran. I have a twin sister named Beatrice. I was named after my mothers mother Hazel Lucas.

My grandmother has lived in Chittenango, NY for as long as I can remember. More than 30 years. Before that she lived in Lakeport, NY. My grandfather died before I was born. My Grandmothers maiden name is Brownell. My greatgrandmother lived to be like 106 and is barried in Chittenango. My grandmother had 3 children. 2 girls (Kate) & ( ) and a boy. (James). They are from around Kirkville, Lakeport, Chittenango and surrounding areas.

I would like to find some realtive as the ones I have are thinning out. I know I have some cousins or something somewhere. If you think you may be related please say so. I would like to know where I came from and I only have information that goes back to my greatgrandmother.