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I am looking for information on an Uncle and Grandmother.I am looking for George Henry [perhaps Lamb] Curran born April 20th 1914 in Peterborough Ont. Also looking for Anne Elizabeth Curran [Lamb] .George would have been my Uncle , Annie would have been my Grandmother.
I know they were in Peterborough in the 1921 census and they lived at 299 Murry St. After that they move to Thunder Bay [not sure when they moved.] There were two other children Anne [my Mother who is now 98 and still lives in Thunder Bay] born Feb 14-1916 and James Born Dec. 04-1917 died Jan. 06-1941 [war death].
My Grandfather John Curran was born in Keeraun South ,Ballycomath Clifden Galway, on June 06-1885,his father was Patrick Curran.
My Grandmother Anne Lamb was born in Sheffield England on March 10-1890.
While in Peterborough my Grandfather John worked at Quaker Oats.
When they were in Thunder Bay Uncle George Curran and Grandmother Anne Curran Lamb were not there, until I got the 1921 census my Mother never new she had a brother George. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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