Wheels of Destiny

Hi all Currans! I\'m Miki Curran originally from Gweedore, Co. Donegal, now living in Cork. I hope to make contact especially with Currans who are writers, fiction or non-fiction. (and naturally with readers.) My novel, Wheels of Destiny is set in Co. Donegal and in New York and is available online @ all online shops. Family saga set during the nineteenth century. Would like to hear from others who enjoy writing and reading!
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Hi Miki - welcome aboard. Sorry it took so long to approve your story submission - I've been in a hockey tournament all weekend and just saw your post. I am an avid reader, and I've been known to buy books just because the author's last name is Curran ... Hpefully we can help you generate some sales and have a small part in making your book a success.
Hi Bill. Nice to hear from you. Still finding my way around the site. Seems very comprehensive and interesting. Incidently, regarding the origin of the name curran, it has been suggested in some manuscripts that it might have originated from the Irish word, Corn, meaning champion or trophy. (Nothing to do with the grain or edible version!)
Could we be the origianal children of the Corn? (sorry such a corny joke.) Regarding famous Currans, there was a Charles Curran who was director general of the BBC in the seventies/eighties. (Does that account for fame??.Some media savvy there, I expect.
In Ireland, good cluster of Currans in Donegal, also Co. Galway, Co. Kerry around Dingle and in Waterford. Strange enough, most of those areas are Irish speaking.
Anyway, will keep in touch when I'm online. Keep the flag flying. Regards to all in Ontario.
Miki Curran