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 Hi, my name is Kris I am the son of Howard Eric Curran (deceased). I am from Oshawa Ontario Canada. I'm trying to locate my half brother and sister: Jason Curran and Tracy Curran. Any info would be great. Thank you.

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Yes this is Jason. I have been looking for you for years!! Do you have a Face Book page?? Mine is under Jason April Curran there will be a black and white wedding pic of me and my wife. Message me PLEASE.
Hey Jason,
I actually no longer have a Facebook page, I did reply to your email though. Sorry if I'm coming off as vague or brash, but my mind is completely blown by this all right now, lol. I really look forward to actually beeing able to converse with my brother and sister. It's a pretty incredible feeling, hope to hear from you soon. Ps you are so tall (that or your wife is very small), seems I was cheated out of those genes haha.