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 My great-grandfather, Harold Wright had a relationship with a woman named Ruth Curran in the mid 1920's. She had Earl and Edwin by him. There's a lot of hearsy around what happened, but somehow my grandfather Edwin, and his brother Earl ended up being legally adopted by their grandparents Herbert and Minnie Wright and Ruth was never again seen. I understand that Ruth wasn't ever actually married to my grandfather, and that she may have been neglectful. I've also heard that she may have passed away in the British Columbia area. This is all that I have to go on, aside from the fact that during the time my grandfather would have been conceived, he was apparently in Minnesota, U.S.A. This leads me to believe that Ruth was an American or had stayed there with him.


Any information that anyone may have about a Ruth Curran born around 1900-1905 with two sons missing would be of great help.


Thank you.

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