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My grandmother's name was Agnes Curran (her friends called her "Honey.")  She lived in Northern NJ, and she was married to Frank Schlogl.  They had 3 children:  Bernard, Elizabeth, and Frank; they divorced and I believe she eventually moved back to Ireland.  Does anyone know her, have any info, etc.  My father had little, if any, contact after his parents divorced, and we'd like to learn more about her and our Curran relatives.

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Just thought I'd send you a greeting from Ireland. Not sure I can help in anyway to locate your grandmothers relatives. I'm a Curran living here in Dublin, Ireland. Family orgins is Carlow with the family name going back to the parish of Tinryland, Co Carlow. Feel free to get in touch if you thnk I can help in any way.

Best of Luck